Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZOOM™?
Designed to help people to perform at their peak, ZOOM™ is Australia’s first 100% Juice Based Smart Energy Drink. With 13 natural scientifically and traditionally backed ingredients, ZOOM™ can help enhance energy, focus, mood, and as an aphrodisiac.

Is ZOOM™ gluten-free?
Definitely, all our range of products are gluten-free!

Is ZOOM™ vegan?
Yes! All our products are vegan. 

Is ZOOM™ Fat Free?

Does ZOOM™ have added sugars?
We don’t add sugar, water, flavour or colour to our drink. The sugar content is from Pomegranate juice and Strawberry Juice.  

Does ZOOM™ help with immunity?
Absolutely! ZOOM™ can be an immunity booster.

What are the benefits of ZOOM™ for my health?
ZOOM™ has gained a 5 star health rate. A great source of antioxidants. It is developed with ingredients that can help to enhance energy, increase alertness, clearer focus, boost mood, improve blood circulation and sexual health. 

Does ZOOM™ to be refrigerated?
ZOOM™ can be up to 12 months outside of the fridge. Once opened, we recommend to keep in cold and consume within 48 hours. 

Is ZOOM™ good for workout?
ZOOM™ has so many other uses such as a pre-workout drink. It was tried on our fitness customers who found improved performance and “broke some PB’s”.

How should I drink ZOOM™?
As you like it! You can shot it or add water for a longer drink. We recommend drinking it chilled in a glass or directly from the bottle.

When to drink ZOOM™?
You can drink ZOOM™ anytime and anywhere! You can drink it on the go; before, during and after working out; During lecturers & study sessions; in a sunny place with friends OR as an Energy Enhancer Drink found to be very helpful taken just before or during a meeting; Taking a break on the road; going out day and nigh!

How much ZOOM™ should I drink?

Your consumption of our drinks should be based on your personal lifestyle, diet and activity level, and like everything in this life always consume in moderation. 

Is ZOOM™ good for working professionals?
For people who have a highly stressful working environment, ZOOM™ is helpful in providing a laser-like focus, improved concentration, even better communication.

Is ZOOM™good for Gamers? 
Customers who play games and tried ZOOM™ commented: “felt focused in the zone, and responsive to challenges”.

Is ZOOM™ good for meditation?
The tradition of meditation is involved in the practice of concentration and mindfulness. But the first one needs stability and stillness. ZOOM™ could be useful in providing this calming effect to lead a successful meditation session. Let the chakras of your soul flow.

How many calories are in ZOOM™?
ZOOM™contains 161 kJ per serving. 

Why ZOOM™ is based on Pomegranate Juice and Strawberry Juice?

Pomegranate has gained mainstream popularity over the last couple years and has been labelled a Superfruit. Pomegranates are one of the most studied fruits to date. They are known to be:

• High in Antioxidants. THREE times more than red wine or green tea
• High in vitamin C
• Great for supporting cardiovascular health
•A Natural performance booster
• Anti-Inflammatory Effects
• Great for prostate health 

Is it safe to drink ZOOM™ while pregnant?
We do not recommend it for pregnant women. If you have any doubts or a specific health condition, please consult your doctor. 

Where can I buy ZOOM™?
On our website or in the stores that have ZOOM™. If you have a store or you are a distributor and you are interested in ZOOM™, please send an e-mail to info@zoom.com.au.

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