Brand Ambassador Terms and Conditions


Before promoting, please be aware of the following regulations:

  • As a brand ambassador, you will endeavour to conduct yourself in a manner so as to present a professional and high quality promotion and image of the ZOOM brand and must not bring into disrepute or otherwise damage the name or image of ZOOM or any of the ZOOM products.
  • Brand ambassadors may not run ads on Google Adwords (or any Google property), bid on “ZOOM” based keywords, use the terms “ZOOM” in any pay per click ads, use any terminology in ads or landing pages that are similar to “scam” or “fraud,” or create customer incentives for purchasing ZOOM(e.g. cash rebates or 3rd party bonus offers).
  • Brand ambassadors may not buy product using their 10% discount code to sell or give away products.  This discount is entirely for the brand ambassadors use only to promote ZOOMon social media.  They must keep the discount code private and not let it be used by any other person, friend or family member.  You will not be paid a commission on your own purchases.
  • Brand ambassadors are forbidden from creating web pages, social media pages or accounts that falsely represent themselves as the creators or owners of the ZOOM products. Any review page and all creative contained therein must include the word ‘REVIEW’ in the title, the URL and any graphics used in the cover image or profile image. This includes blogs, web pages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or ANY OTHER online entity whether or not it is considered to be “social media”.
  • Brand ambassador must not post discount codes to coupon websites such as RetailMeNot or any other discount coupon indexing site. This includes SEO ranking a personal discount page that is not a true review of the products.
  • By being accepted into the program you assign ZOOM™ lifetime copyright permission, without payment, to use any image, video or post you publicly create to promote the ZOOM™ brand.


Any ambassador caught breaking any of these terms will be banned immediately without hesitation, and will not be eligible for reinstatement or any future payment.